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Introduction to Dream Wedding Texas

Congratulations and best wishes on your engagement and upcoming wedding! How excited you must be, yet at the same time somewhat anxious as you begin to plan one of the most exciting days of your life. Giving consideration to hiring a wedding consultant shows that you have thought about the monumental task planning a wedding can be when there are additional obligations tugging at you from every direction.

Every couple is different - Every event is one-of-a-kind. Because your day will be unique, we will strive to provide you with the best services available to suit your personality, budget, and time frame.

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself personally so that we can exchange ideas regarding the type of assistance you might require from Dream Weddings. We offer an interview without obligation to meet with you to discuss our services and your expectations.

With today's busy lifestyles, hiring a wedding consultant should no longer be considered a luxury - it's an absolute necessity!

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Dream Weddings' goal is to provide the wedding of your dreams, letting your own personal style prevail in everything you plan, while remaining within your budget. While help can be enlisted through family and friends, your wedding consultant has no additional obligations on your wedding day. It is our pledge that everything will be done within our power to be sure your wedding plans and dreams are carried through smoothly, without flaw. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and we realize there is no dress rehearsal - we do it right the first time!


Full Service Development and Production
This service is suggested for the career-oriented bride who doesn't have time to do her own planning. Full service includes unlimited email and telephone calls during business hours and meetings as necessary to be sure we are synchronized in our thoughts. I will help you develop your budget, provide assistance with industry professionals after making preliminary phone calls to verify date availability, and then give you a list so you can make necessary
appointments and decisions. I will also accompany you to your appointments if you desire. You will receive a wedding task timeline including monthly updates, customized with all aspects of your wedding, with deadlines for payment due to your vendors. I will assist with planning services such as ceremony script and/or music, bridal stationery and etiquette, rentals, gift baskets, bridal accessories, wedding favors, gown preservation, and tuxedo rental. If you need moral support on bridal portrait day, I'll be there. I will confirm your contacts with all vendors, introduce myself as your wedding consultant, and contact all guests who have not responded to your invitation, if desired. I will provide itineraries to all people involved in the wedding, including vendors and attendants so there will be no question as to where anyone needs to be. Also included with this service is rehearsal direction (if required), or attendance at the rehearsal for moral support. Ceremony and reception direction will begin with my arrival at the ceremony location at least an hour prior to any vendors, and I consider my service complete after the last guest leaves your reception. I will make sure this day remains as stress-free as possible for the bride, groom, and families, so this can truly be your Dream Wedding. Full service includes anything wedding-related. The suggested calendar time is six to twelve months, but this can be modified to suit your situation.

Partial Development and Production
You've developed your budget, visited and secured the church, found the reception site, the dress of your dreams, and you think you have everything under control. Suddenly, however, you feel overwhelmed and overcome. You've attended the bridal shows in your area and collected a shopping bag filled with information. You confusion is only limited by the number of people who contact you on a given day. Your neat planning binder has suddenly developed bulges and seems totally disorganized. Perhaps a wedding consultant stepping in at this point to allow a bit of stress relief might not be a bad idea! In this package you will find the itineraries referred to in the full service package, as well as the rehearsal, ceremony and reception direction. Meetings are limited to three two-hour appointments with clients and telephone calls limited to once weekly with unlimited email contact. The suggested calendar time is three to nine months, but this can be modified to suit your needs.

Wedding Day Assistant
Sometimes those last-minute jitters set in, even after all the vendors have been hired, contracts signed and invitations sent out. You think you have all your bases covered but would like someone who has professionally planned weddings on a regular basis to look over your lists and check everything twice. You might even have a few etiquette questions that need definitive answers. In addition, you need someone to lean on as your actual wedding day approaches, including directing the rehearsal, ceremony and reception. The above-mentioned itineraries are included in this package. Dream Weddings do come true! The suggested calendar time is one to two months but this can be modified to suit your schedule.

You've always wanted to do all the planning and just don't know where to start. We can sit down together and organize your dream. After determining you budget, we will meet and discuss your desires and decide how to take action on them. Then, I'll help you find the right people so you can create your wedding day. This service consists of two meetings.

Hourly Consultation This service includes questions and advice on issues pertaining to your wedding. When hourly services are contracted, understand that attended meetings, telephone conversations, and travel to and from events are all subject to the hourly fees. Certain functions may require additional personnel, and in these cases, additional fees will be charged. Quoted prices are subject to change without notice. After meeting with a Dream Weddings consultant and discussing your particular needs, your customized estimate will remain in effect for twenty-one days and shall remain the property of Dream Weddings. Dream Weddings does not accept commissions from any vendors. Those who are recommended are chosen because of their expertise and commitment to excellence in their professions.

Certified Wedding Consultant.

Call 972.839.5115 an appointment for your initial interview with Dream Weddings.
There is no fee for this interview.

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